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Smoked Turkey and Fontina Cheese Sausage (4 per pack)

Smoked Turkey and Fontina Cheese Sausage (4 per pack)

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About the Sausage

Savor the delicate and sophisticated flavors of our Smoked Turkey and Fontina Cheese Sausage. Made with finely ground smoked turkey stuffed in a pork casing, this sausage is distinguished by its light, savory profile enriched with the smooth, nutty taste of Fontina cheese. The mild yet distinct flavor of Fontina perfectly complements the smokiness of the turkey, offering a unique gourmet sausage option that is lower in fat but high in flavor. Ideal for slicing into salads, incorporating into frittatas, or grilling for a healthy and flavorful meal. This 1 pound package brings 4 sausages.

Cooking Method: Grill or pan-fry over medium heat until browned and cooked through.

Recommended Temperature: The sausages come fully cooked, they just need to be warmed to your desired temperature

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