How long can I store your products in the refrigerator and the freezer?

All of our products are individually vacuum sealed to maximize freshness for each protein. It is normal for the packaging to loosen and for items to thaw.

You need to closely monitor frozen meats for spoilage. You can’t leave them in the freezer too long or they become watery, limp, and tasteless otherwise known as “freezer burn.” Any meat that has a strong sour smell has likely spoiled and should be thrown out.

The following guidelines are for items kept in their original packaging, if you repackage an item we recommend using a vacuum sealer otherwise it will not maintain freshness as outlined below.

Hot Dogs and Sausages (cooked):
2 weeks when refrigerated
2 months when frozen
Hot Dogs and Sausages (uncooked):
2 days when refrigerated
2 months when frozen
Ground Meat:
2 days when refrigerated
4 months when frozen
Beef, Veal, Lamb, and Pork:
5 days when refrigerated
12 months when frozen
2 days when refrigerated
12 months when frozen
2 days when refrigerated
8 months when frozen
2 days when refrigerated
12 months when frozen
For refrigerated items the recommended temperature is 40 °F/4.4 °C and for frozen items it is  0 °F / -17.8 °C or less.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes. The best way to place an order is directly on our website, but if you have a question and would like to speak to us directly call us at (305) 646-8817.

Where are your meats from?

Our beef comes from family run farms in Australia and Japan, who tirelessly dedicate into producing the highest quality beef in the world. Also, some of our cuts are sourced from reputable domestic U.S. farms.

Our poultry comes from domestic farms within the U.S. and are 100% USDA Certified Organic Vegetarian Diet and are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Our lamb originates in Colorado, where the species are grown with the objective of getting premier quality meat.

Our pork comes from family owned farms located in North Carolina. Farms that are rich in history with over 40 years of selective breeding, choosing only the top 3% performers.

Our seafood is sourced from various waters around the world and we also carry farm raised certified organic fish from Norway

How fast can I get my order?

We offer next day and 2-day shipping to ensure products arrive at maximum freshness. We ship our products Tuesday-Thursday to avoid any weekend delays. Please see our shipping policy for more information.

How should I defrost my meat?

Perishable foods should never be thawed on the counter, or in hot water and must not be left at room temperature for more than two hours.

Even though the center of the package may still be frozen as it thaws on the counter, the outer layer of the food could be in the "Danger Zone," between 40 and 140 °F — temperatures where bacteria multiply rapidly.

There are three safe ways to thaw food: in the refrigerator, in cold water, and in the microwave.

1) Refrigerator Thawing - Planning ahead is the key to this method because of the lengthy time involved. A large frozen item like a turkey requires at least a day (24 hours) for every 5 pounds of weight. Even small amounts of frozen food — such as a pound of ground meat or boneless chicken breasts — require a full day to thaw. When thawing foods in the refrigerator, there are variables to take into account.

  • Some areas of the appliance may keep food colder than other areas.
  • Food will take longer to thaw in a refrigerator set at 35 °F than one set at 40 °F.

After thawing in the refrigerator, items such as ground meat, stew meat, poultry, seafood, should remain safe and good quality for an additional day or two before cooking; red meat cuts (such as beef, pork or lamb roasts, chops and steaks) 3 to 5 days. Food thawed in the refrigerator can be refrozen without cooking, although there may be some loss of quality.

2) Cold Water Thawing - This method is faster than refrigerator thawing but requires more attention. The food must be in a leak-proof package or plastic bag. If the bag leaks, bacteria from the air or surrounding environment could be introduced into the food. Also, the meat tissue may absorb water, resulting in a watery product.

The bag should be submerged in cold tap water, changing the water every 30 minutes so it continues to thaw. Small packages of meat, poultry or seafood — about a pound — may thaw in an hour or less. A 3-to 4-pound package may take 2 to 3 hours. For whole turkeys, estimate about 30 minutes per pound. If thawed completely, the food must be cooked immediately.

Foods thawed by the cold water method should be cooked before refreezing.

3) Microwave Thawing - When thawing food in a microwave, plan to cook it immediately after thawing because some areas of the food may become warm and begin to cook during the thawing process (bringing the food to "Danger Zone" temperatures). Holding partially cooked food is not recommended because any bacteria present wouldn't have been destroyed and, indeed, the food may have reached optimal temperatures for bacteria to grow.

After thawing in the microwave, always cook immediately after, whether microwave cooking, by conventional oven, or grilling.

Foods thawed in the microwave should be cooked before refreezing.

Also, never thaw foods in a garage, basement, car, dishwasher or plastic garbage bag; out on the kitchen counter, outdoors or on the porch. These methods can leave your foods unsafe to eat.

How are products shipped?

Each product is vacuum sealed and portioned. We ship all orders in insulated shipping boxes that include frozen gel packs with your items. These gel packs maintain the freshness of your products and ensure products do not overheat.

Please note some items will arrive frozen as they are stored frozen at JPM and some items will arrive fresh.

Your order should be transferred to a freezer or refrigerator immediately upon arrival.

Please see our shipping policy for more information.

How does local delivery work? 

We offer same day local delivery for orders placed before 4pm. If you would like to place an order after 4pm please call the store and we may be able to accommodate, or we are also available on UberEats. All orders are delivered via refrigerated van, and wrapped in clear plastic with frozen food grade gel packs.

Please see our shipping policy for more information.

When will my order arrive?

We cannot guarantee a delivery time and we recommend customers order the day before for any time sensitive orders. It is important someone is available to receive your order, otherwise it will be left at the door. Your order will not maintain fa safe temperature if left out for an extended period of time, and it is the customers responsibility to transfer the items to a refrigeration unit in a timely manner.

Please see our shipping policy for more information.

How can I see the status of my order?

Updates are sent via email, or you can call these store for more information. For shipped orders we provide you with a tracking number.

Where do you ship?

We currently service all 50 States except Alaska and Hawaii from our facility located in Miami, FL. Please see our shipping policy for more information.

How much food should I order?

You can always order extra and freeze it for later, but as a general guideline each person will eat between 6-12 oz of protein per meal. It all depends on appetite, some people will eat more and kids will usually eat less.

What if an item I want to purchase is sold out?

We restock multiple times a week, but occasionally we will sell out of certain items. If an item is sold out check back in a day or two and it should become available again.

How should I cook my meat?

Recommend cooking and temperature guidelines for each item can be found on their order pages. Check out our instagram @joshspremiummeats for inspiration. When in doubt, recipes and safe cooking instructions can be found through google. Consuming raw or undercooked meat can cause individuals to become sick from food borne illnesses. It is the customers responsibility to prepare food in a manner safe for consumption.

Why does my meat look different from what I ordered last time?

No two pieces of meat are 100% identical, and every cut you receive will be unique. Depending on the animal itself, there can be variance in size, shape, and color of the final product. Additionally, there may be a variance in the way a piece was cut and trimmed.

Why is my steak so fatty?

Wagyu is known for its fattiness, and generally not a very lean product. Fat content can vary with each cow, and is also affected by the beef marbling score (BMS). If you are looking for a leaner product we recommend picking something with a lower BMS score, or a USDA Prime product. Again every piece will be different, and fat can always be trimmed.

My beef is dark colored and no longer bright red, is it still safe to eat?

Yes. It is normal for the color of beef to vary and even change over time for a number of reasons. The color can vary with each cattle, additionally freezing beef can cause color change, and so can exposure to oxygen if the packaging becomes loose or if it is left out before cooking. This is expected and perfectly safe for consumption, as long as it has been kept at a food safe temperature.

Why is the price charged on my credit card different from what was shown at check out?

Many of our products are charged per pound. The total shown at checkout is a placeholder. Once we choose the actual cut and weigh it out for your order, we adjust the price to match the weight. The amount shown at checkout will always be the max price we charge. This means if choose 1 pound of skirt steak, the skirt steak you receive in your order will be 1 pound or less, never more.

Is your meat certified kosher?

Currently we do not offer certified kosher products.

Do you have any meat that is halal?

All of our Australian Wagyu Beef is certified halal.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my order?

Please call us at 305-646-8817 or email us at order@joshpremiummeats.com.
You can also check the status of your order via the Tracking number provided.