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Brooklyn Inspired Hot Links (4 per pack)

Brooklyn Inspired Hot Links (4 per pack)

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About this Sausage

Experience the bold flavors of our Brooklyn Spicy Sausage, a vibrant blend of premium pork seasoned with a fiery mix of spices that capture the essence of Brooklyn's rich culinary heritage. This sausage is further enhanced with the creamy goodness of mozzarella and the sharp, salty bite of Pecorino Romano cheese, creating a meltingly delicious experience with each bite. Perfect for grilling or sautéing, it’s an excellent choice for adding a kick to pasta dishes, stuffing into sandwiches, or enjoying straight off the grill at your next cookout. This 1 pound package brings 4 sausages.

Cooking Method: Grill or pan-fry on medium heat until well-browned and cooked through.

Recommended Temperature: These sausages come fully cooked, just heat to your desired temperature

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