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Blood Sausage (4 per pack)

Blood Sausage (4 per pack)

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About this Sausage

Blood sausage or “Morcilla” is an Argentine style sausage filled with pork blood, rice, and onions. Much of the flavor comes from pork fat and diverse spices used to season this sausage. The flavor is smoky, savory, earthy, and slightly sweet with a very soft texture. This is deffinitely different than our other sausages and perfect for anyone who loves the unique flavor and texture of blood sausage, or someone looking for something new to try. This one pound package brings 4 sausages.

Cooking Method: Can be grilled or pan-fried. Cook slowly on low heat to prevent bursting.

Recommended Temperature: Cooked through until hot inside; typically 160°F (71°C).

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